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Competition – HILTI IoT Prototype International Competition

HILTI a company that began as a company that produced equipment and components on contract for the German industry during World War II and now HILTI’s HQ is at Liechtenstein. HILTI specialized in developing products for the construction, building maintenance, and mining industries, mainly to the professional end-user. It concentrates mainly on anchoring systems, hammer drills, firestops, and installation systems, but manufactures and markets an array of tools (including cordless electric drills, heavy angle drills, laser levels, power saws, and fasteners).

HILTI opened an international competition dedicated to help elevate HILTI’s digital experience to a new level. My previous university HELP University registered for this competition, and I stand a chance to team-up with students and professors in my university to participate in this competition, and later representing Malaysia for this international competition.

This competition aim to help elevate HILTI’s digital experience to a new level, we are asked develop a prototype regarding to the latest technology IoT. We decided to create a prototype that can be demonstrate as a mobile application that can connect to drill and check status of the drill as well as give command and setting.

We also develop this prototype in a sense that there’s a cloud server, which act as a centralised server that do communication and database for record and entry storage.

Everything starts with pairing the drill with bluetooth connection and login to the cloud server, after credentials are validated user can control the drill using the mobile application and this could reduce the error made by manual, and it makes user more easier to diagnose the problem as well as communicate with others, it also provide the ease of duplicating previous project work to current project. Step by step guide and shows the current status of the drill can be easy with the help of this application.

My team and I registered as TEAM(38) – LogiTrust, and was able to get into semi-final in this international competition.

Web Development – Victory Technologies

Victory Technologies

Web development service for Victory Technologies, a Malaysia company. Victory Technologies is also known as VicTechs, a company that focus on website development. This company provide a variety of services for their customer, including: Web Development services for portfolio website, business website, E-Commerce website. Web Server Configuration services,website migration, VPN / Mail Server set-up, business consultation as well as graphic design.

I myself is both the co-founder of Victory Technologies and the web developer of Victory Technologies. After years of experience in website development freelancing job, I decided to make a startup with more developers and designer to give my client better services. After my team and I have a clear analysis about our business model. We decided to create a website that could prominence our services and what we are different from other, with a clear and attractive description of why client should choose us.
During the development process, I registered the domain name: and we came out with a few prototypes and different marketing strategy. We implemented a direct submit form for inquiry which allow client to directly communicate with us, without opening their E-mail client.

Based on the finalize discussion notes, the aim of this website is to allow our client to understand what type of services we are providing and how we can help our client. My development team and I collaborate well with design team as well as marketing team in order to set up a website that’s not just creative and attractive but also friendly with marketing strategy.


Other than that, security is another important issue that we are very concern at, as our employee are coming all around from the world, it is important to have a VPN for security issue. Spam filtering and firewall are also configured well and integrated.

Services provided to this project: 

– Domain Registration.

– Server selection and scaling.

– Server scheduled backup and migration.

– DNS configuration.

– Website prototype design.

– Responsive custom CSS implementation.

– jQuery animate effect for the design.

– Custom VPN setup for employee around the world.

– Custom CentOS server configuration.

– Custom e-mail server configuration.

– CentOS server firewall setup.

– Google MAP API implemented for map.

– Google reCAPTCHA API implemented to avoid spam.

Through out the whole development process, I always update and ensure my team about the latest design and my experience about what client usually wanted to know as from my experience before as a freelancer.

I migrated all my previous projects into the new company server. So all my previous client can now enjoy the enhanced security, scheduled backup and all other great functions.

Bought domain name from GoDaddy, VPS (Server) from Tooglebox, and co-operate with data analytics service platform Hitsteps, to provide visualize data to my client. Finished this project in 13 days.

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