Eco Landscape & Planting SDN BHD

Web development service for Eco Landscape & Planting SDN BHD, a Malaysia company. Eco Landscape & Planting SDN BHD is a company that speclialise in carpet grass, this company grow carpet grass and sell to Setia Corp, which is one of the most famous and large scale developer in Malaysia.


Had a meeting with the proprietor of the company, Kevin. After understanding the needs of his company, I decide to make a prototype website design before jumping into the real development process. Registered the domain name based on his request.ecolanscapenplanting-productBased on the scenario, the aim to create this website is to raise the reputation in the industry and raise the exposure of the company branding. Allow the company’s customer to have a clear mindset about the company as well as what type of service and product the company is providing.  In order to do so, After doing a few days of marketing research, I suggested how the website should be structured and what functions should be implemented.  Kevin (proprietor of the company) , totally agree with my suggestions and the project is deal.

Services provided to this project:

– Domain Registration.

– Server selection and scaling.

– DNS configuration.

– Website prototype design.

– Responsive custom CSS implementation.

– Custom CentOS server configuration.

– CentOS server firewall setup.

– Google Map API implemented for map service suggested.

– Custom linking to Skype and mobile as requested.

– Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Service  as requested.



Bought domain name from GoDaddy, VPS (Server) from Tooglebox, and co-operate with data analytics service platform Hitsteps, to provide visualize data to my client. Finished this project in 16 days.

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